Software Lending Library

How it Works

The concept is simple. We set up computers in a central location, connected to Google Fiber which are loaded with premium software. Users visit the Software Lending Library site and reserve a timeslot. The reservation provides them with a link which initiates a remote desktop session with one of those centrally located computers. The person can use software loaded on that machine until the end of the session.

When the session is over, the user is logged off, freeing up the machine for other people to use it. People can reserve a set number of hours per day/week, depending on the policies of the managing library.

Project Background

The Software Lending Library is a partnership between the Kansas City Public Library, KC Digital Drive and Mozilla. It was funded in the third round of the Mozilla Ignite Challenge and has been presented at events such as the US Ignite Summit in Chicago and Gigtank Demo Day in Chattanooga. The project has been the recipient of three certificates of excellence in various competitions.

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