Tuesday, April 29,2014

Award from the Mozilla Gigabit Fund

Support for the Software Lending Library continues! The Kansas City Public Library partnered with Reconciliation Services on a grant proposal for the Mozilla Gigabit Fund earlier this year. We were recently awarded $20,000, and were among five projects funded for this first round of grants. Our project aims to provide site-based access to the SLL at the Gigabit Cafe. The Cafe is being established as a way for low-income persons in the 31st and Troost Avenue area of Kansas city to access technology, informal interaction and digital skills training in a supoprtive and familiar environment, alongside the services already provided by RS at their facility.

Reconciliation Services will be using grant funds to upgrade connectivity at the Cafe to gigabit speeds. This will power internet access both inside the building and in the surrounding area via a public wireless network that they manage. RS offers a suite of digital life skills training already. The Library will help to establish the tail end of this suite by heling to teach software applications using the Software Lending library to provide access. This will be the first public use of the SLL in a genuine point-of-need context. We are incredibly excited to see where this takes us.

Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

The Software Lending Library at 'Building the Gigabit City 2.0'

The Kansas City Public Library hosted a day long event on Feb. 13 to showcase gigabit apps, brainstorm potential uses of the Gig and generate enthusiasm for next-generation networks. Building the Gigabit City 2.0 brought together technologists, stakeholders, students and citizens to envision an ultra-high bandwidth future. Naturally we provided a presentation and demonstration of the Software Lending Library.

We were able to show how the web application authenticates to the library’s patron database, and create a timed reservation. The generated reservation notification creates a remote desktop session, providing access to the suite of software tools that we have installed. The demo went smoothly and received a very enthusiastic response from attendees.

Expect to see more of the Software Lending library in public demonstrations at events in the coming months.